BCA Course with CMC Sasaram

CMC – Campus of Management and Computer Institute offers BCA ( Bachelor’s of Computer Application ) course in Sasaram, Bihar. The course is an academic degree Course or program in Computer Applications Degree, is one of the most popular degree courses in computer science in India. Most people also know this course as BCA, the Bachelor of Computer Application. The duration of this BCA course is 3 years, taught by a university taught through a college. It is divided into several semesters, which are usually 6 in numbers.


The course provides practical skills and how to solve problems arising from computer systems and applications. For this reason, due to the great popularity among students, several colleges have emerged that offer the postgraduate programs in computer science of the BCA, which can be studied in Regular and Distance Mode by various institutions. With English as a passing subject with a minimum grade of 45%.

The BCA course offers the opportunity to acquire knowledge in various specializations such as (computer graphics, programming languages, database management, systems analysis, word processing, Internet technologies, accounting application, animation, music processing, and video, handling personal information, etc.)

Candidates who are computer obsessed or so-called computer freaks are worthy of acquiring BCA knowledge and degrees. Many more candidates in India love computers but are limited by their computer skills; they can also enjoy the benefits of this BCA course.

BCA Benefits

The BCA course provides an academic foundation from which an advanced career in computer applications can be built. BCA course students have a bright future in the IT field. BCA course students can get extensive jobs as programmers and grow their careers to become project managers. .

The BCA course paves the way for a postgraduate degree (MCA) in the relevant field, which is always preferred; The BCA course provides a sufficient understanding of the main areas of computer science. Companies that want to take advantage of new information technologies and communication systems need specialized professionals who can apply computer science principles to solve the problems generated by the interface between business and technology.

Below I have mentioned the employment areas and types of work for BCA students.

Upon completing the DCA course, the student will be able to enter any computer job (whether freshman, student, entry-level, or working) with the private and government sectors. The certification of this course is valid for any government and private department around the world. The DCA is the best option for the student to learn and improve computer application skills which will be highly beneficial for their career with affordable fees at our CMC SASARAM Institute.


  • Bank
  • Consultancies
  • Computers and related electronic equipment manufacturers.
  • Desktop publishing
  • Financial institutions
  • Governments agencies
  • Schools & Collages
  • Software developments companies
  • Systems Maintenance
  • Technical Support

There are three years of the BCA course to introduce the concepts and transmit knowledge of computer applications to students who intend to pursue a career in the area of ​​Computer Science.

The BCA course is a 3-year program course (BCA) attached to a state or central university, which is attached to the UGC (university awards committee).

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