DCA Course with CMC Sasaram

DCA – A well-known diploma course in the field of a computer, from basic computer operation to office automation application, computer applications, and graphics with basic accounting also covered in the DCA course. After completing DCA 10 and 12, it is a good option for the student to start learning computer applications. The student is fully capable of operating a computer or ready to work in offices and companies.


The CMC SASARAM Institute is a group of opportunities for professional growth. Here at the CMC SASARAM Institute, we are focused on creating Professionals. We prepare our students to be a complete package. The DCA course helps you develop basic computer application skills, and the completed DCA form is a computer applications degree. We hone your hard skills as well as your soft skills. We never stop working for the best future of our students.

Every Saturday, we offer student development classes focusing on communication skills, soft skills, speaking skills, coaching skills, skills to face the world with confidence, character development or preparation, interview preparation, and job training. Also, Understanding the role and proficiency of the English language in today’s era, we provide free English lessons for one month for our students to improve their English conversation skills.

We are organizing these classes to make you the coveted employee in the eyes of all employers. Being on CMC SASARAM is good for your knowledge and better for your career. CMC SASARAM has just launched a campaign called Learn and Win Campaign where there are 5 programs for students to continue learning and start earning side by side, not only because the main goal behind it is to develop students’ interpersonal skills and help them to understand your true potential, which can be very beneficial for your career.



Before joining the course, you should know more about the course, like the benefits of the course, job opportunities, job sectors, or why the CMC SASARAM?



The Diploma in Computer Applications (DCA) is the most popular six-month computer science diploma course for all students who have completed Grade 10 and can join the DCA Course to develop their entry-level skills and career in computer science. Computer fields.

This course helps provide information related to technologies and research in computer application. It provides a basic level of computer applications that requires a person trained to handle computer applications. Anyone can join the Diploma in Computer Application (DCA) course. It has 1 Semester with 6 months in our CMC SASARAM Institute.



Upon completing the DCA course, the student will be able to enter any computer job (whether freshman, student, entry-level, or working) with the private and government sectors. The certification of this course is valid for any government and private department around the world. The DCA is the best option for the student to learn and improve computer application skills which will be highly beneficial for their career with affordable fees at our CMC SASARAM Institute.


Here are some job options after completing the DCA course. Here we offer the top 5 computer science jobs you can join after completing the DCA course!


Computer OperatorHelp Desk Operator
DATA Entry OperatorCustomer Support
Front Office Executive 


  • You should know that what industry or companies will be available to work at the end of the DCA. Here we explain everything about the availability of the labor sector after completing the course.

    Information Technologies

    Marketing and Advertising



    Media and Internet

    Teacher training and Education

    Environment and Agriculture

    Property and Construction

    Transport and logistics


    Public service and administration

    Banking Sector

    Hospitality Management


    FMCG etc.

DCA Course in Sasaram